Visual Vocabulary




Learn new words through pictures organized by thematic topic.

In Visual Vocabulary, our memory aids approach integrating cultural content using images will facilitate your learning of new vocabulary. You will find your learning and retention of new words becomes more efficient by associating vocabulary with images that reflect fascinating aspects of the cultures of English-speaking countries.

If you study one slide presentation a day, you will cover 1,000 of the most frequently used words in English in approximately three months. The vocabulary is organized into 18 families of related words.


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  • Feelings, emotions and personality
    feelings and emotions
    describing personalities


  • At home
    types of accommodation
    rooms, grounds, and parking
    entertainment and communication devices
    garden tools and equipment
    kitchen appliances
    other domestic appliances


  • At the restaurant
    restaurant staff (host, waiter, waitress, bartender, cook, dishwasher)
    menu, bill, tip/service charge
    dinnerware and cutlery


  • Food and Drink
    alcoholic drinks
    bread and grains
    condiments and spices
    dairy products
    ethnic cuisines
    meals and snacks
    nonalcoholic drinks
    pastries and desserts


  • Geography
    maps of key English-speaking countries
    country names and nationalities: Africa and the Middle East
    country names and nationalities: the Americas
    country names and nationalities: Asia and Oceania
    country names and nationalities: Europe


  • Healthcare
    at the doctor
    at the dentist
    at the pharmacy
    at the physiotherapist
    emergency services
    parts of the body


  • Names
    names of actors and actresses
    names of famous women
    names of U.S. presidents
    names of prime ministers of the United Kingdom
    names of Canadian prime ministers
    names of Australian, New Zealand and South African politicians
    biblical roots of common male first (given) names


  • People
    family relationships
    life events


  • Shopping
    men’s clothes
    women’s clothes
    baby clothes and accessories


  • Sports
    summer sports
    winter sports
    the Olympics


  • Tourism and hospitality
    types of tourist accommodation
    tourism related jobs (travel agents, tour guides, hotel and restaurant staff)
    at the airport
    at the hotel
    at the business center
    sightseeing tours


  • Transportation
    types of air transportation
    types of ground transportation
    types of water transportation


  • Weather, seasons, natural disasters
    natural disasters


  • Wildlife, marine life, farm animals, pets
    wildlife (animals)
    marine life
    farm animals


Searching for the Right Word (Frits Ahlefeldt, Hiking Artist com)