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Botero Museum, Bogota (Felipe Restrepo Acosta, CCA 3.0)


English Sensei is an innovative eLearning initiative promoting collaboration between educational institutions, community groups, museums, galleries and photographic clubs in Colombia.

It envisages the establishment of a virtual network of educational and cultural partners within Japan that wish to jointly collaborate by sharing digital learning materials in areas such as:

  • languages (English foundation courses and occupation-specific English; Spanish);
  • cross-cultural education;
  • art and architecture
  • photography of top tourist attractions in Colombia.

Cartagena (Martin St Amant, CCA 3.0)


The Founder

Dr. Robin Ruggles recently retired from the Canadian International Development Agency (now Global Affairs Canada) where he served as a senior education advisor. He had multiple postings in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America including a three-year assignment in Tokyo..

His Ph.D. in Educational Planning and Administration is from the University of Toronto and his Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language is from the University of Winnipeg.

He also has a Certificate in Advanced Grammar for English Teachers and a Certificate in Teaching Occupation-specific English from the Mount Royal University in Calgary.

His Certificate in Planning eLearning Programs is from the University of Toronto.

The Secretariat

We are looking for a partner institution in Japan that would like to serve as the website manager for English Sensei and eventually integrate the site into their online programming for continuing education.

Contact Details

For more details on this initiative, please contact: EnglishSensei@gmail.com